Privacy Policy

The privacy practices of are outlined and applies only to the information gathered by this website. We only collect information given by you willingly and freely. And for such information collected, we are also the sole owners. This data is by no means, sold or rented out to anyone or any other party. All information collected by us is reviewed to provide better services to you. Whether you submit the information online or offline, we take all precautions to see to it that the information is safe and secure. We do collect sensitive information such as your personal details and more importantly your financial details such as credit card numbers etc., where payment is involved. We would like to assure users that all such information is encrypted and transmitted securely. It is only when such information is required to perform a specific function such as billing or customer service, that we allow our employees to access them. All information is identifiable and stored in a secure environment and not revealed to anyone unless the law requires us to do so.

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